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Updated: 6th November 2006

SynSoft - .NET - Assemblies

You can access the following elements of the SynSoft .NET Libraries:

3rd July 2003
Everything (all the below) SynSoft.NET-20030703.zip 303 KB  
Compiled HTML Help SynSoft.NET-20030703.chm 77 KB  
HTML Help SynSoft.NET.html-20030703.zip 194 KB
Online HTML Help - -
Collections Assembly SynSoft.NET.Coll-20030703.zip 3 KB
Conversions Assembly SynSoft.NET.Conv-20030703.zip 5 KB
Performance Assembly SynSoft.NET.Perf-20030703.zip 5 KB
Security Assembly SynSoft.NET.Security-20030703.zip 37 KB The assembly zip also contains a Win32 DLL - MMSecBsc.dll - which needs to reside on your system path or, preferably, in the same directory as the Security assembly.

Help is not currently available for the Security Assembly, but the details of the assembly will be published in the September issue of Windows Developer Network.
Text Assembly SynSoft.NET.Text-20030703.zip 3 KB
3rd April 2003
Everything (all the below) SynSoftDN-20030403.zip 265 KB
Compiled HTML Help SynSoftDN-20030403.chm 76 KB
HTML Help SynSoftDN.html-20030403.zip 194 KB
Collections Assembly SynSoftDNColl-20030403.zip 3 KB
Conversions Assembly SynSoftDNConv-20030403.zip 4 KB
Performance Assembly SynSoftDNPerf-20030403.zip 5 KB
Text Assembly SynSoftDNText-20030403.zip 3 KB
25th Feburary 2003
These components have been superceded by the 3rd April 2003 release, and are no longer available

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