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Updated: 6th November 2006

SynSoft - D

A number of D related libraries are currently under development, and will be released here from time to time.


16th September 2003:

  Version 1.2 of the SynSoft D Libraries:

  • Added synsoft.win32.reg module, for Win32 registry manipulation
  • Added synsoft.win32.exception module, containing the base exception type for all Win32 libraries
  • Added synsoft.types and synsoft.win32.types modules, defining various types used throughout the libraries

3rd July 2003:

  Version 1.1 of the SynSoft D Libraries:

  • Added synsoft.text.synch module
  • Now includes debug library synsoft.D.Debug.lib

3rd April 2003:

  First full release of the SynSoft D Libraries, which includes:

  • synsoft.text.token and synsoft.win32.perf modules
  • Full help, in the form of HTML and Compiled HTML (MSDN format).
  • Online HTML help

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