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Extended STL, Volume 1: Collections and Iterators
- a new book by Matthew Wilson

Extended STL shows how to go beyond the C++ standard and extend the Standard Template Library into the wider C++ world of APIs and non-standard collections, to write software that is more efficient, expressive, flexible, and robust.

In Volume 1, innovative techniques help you master STL extension in two important areas: adapting technology-specific libraries and operating system APIs to STL-compliant collections, and defining sophisticated iterator adaptors with which the latent efficiency and expressive power of STL can be realized. Using real-world examples, several powerful concepts and techniques are illustrated, enabling you to extend STL in directions never envisioned by its creators, including collections, element reference categories, external iterator invalidation and inferred interface adaptation.

The focus throughout the book is on helping the reader to write components that are robust, efficient, portable and, importantly, discoverable. The approach is a very practical one, taking readers through the development of real components, highlighting pitfalls and illustrating missteps taken in their development, and providing copious tips on how to avoid them.

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Extended STL, Volume 2: Adaptors, Algorithms, Allocators, Functions, Ranges and Views is currently in preparation and will be published by Addison-Wesley in 2008.

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