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Volume 2
What they're saying about Extended STL, volume 1:
  • "Wilson's menu of STL treatments will no doubt be good eating for generic programming adherents, ardent C programmers just now taking on STL and C++, Java programmers taking a second look at C++, and authors of libraries targeting multiple platforms and languages. Bon Appetit!"
      == George Frazier, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

  • "A thorough treatment of the details and caveats of STL extension."
      == Pablo Aguilar, C++ Software Engineer.

  • "This book is not just about extending STL, it's also about extending my thinking in C++."
      == Serge Krynine, C++ Software Engineer, RailCorp Australia

  • "You might not agree 100% with everything Wilson has to say, but as a whole his book is the most valuable, in-depth study of practical STL-like programming."
      == Thorsten Ottosen, M.C.S., Boost Contributor

  • "Wilson is a master lion tamer, persuading multifarious 3rd-party library beasts to jump through STL hoops. He carefully guides the reader through the design considerations pointing out the pitfalls and making sure you don't get your head bitten off."
      == Adi Shavit, Chief Software Architect, EyeTech Co. Ltd

  • "Wilson's book provides more than enough information to change the angst/uncertainty level of extending STL from 'daunting' to 'doable'"
      == Garth Lancaster, EDI/Automation Manager, Business Systems Group, MBF Australia

  • "This book will open up your eyes and uncover just how powerful STL's abstractions really are."
      == Nevin ":-)" Liber, 19 year veteran of C++

  • "In the canon of C++ there are very few books that extend the craft. Wilson's work consistently pushes the limits, showing what can and cannot be done, and the tradeoffs involved."
      == John O'Halloran, Head of Software Development, Mediaproxy

  • "Essential concepts and practices to take the working programmer beyond the standard library."
      == Greg Peet, Lead Course Developer/Online IT Programs, Mt. Sierra College

  • "Extended STL is not just a book about adapting the STL to fit in with your everyday work, it's also an odyssey through software design and concepts, C++ power techniques, and the perils of real-world software development - in other words, it's a Matthew Wilson book. If you're serious about C++, I think you should read it."
      == Bjorn Karlsson, Principle Architect, ReadSoft; author of Beyond the C++ Standard Library: An Introduction to Boost
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