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RECLS_FLAG Enumeration

recls search flags

[Visual Basic]
Public Enum RECLS_FLAG
public enum RECLS_FLAG


These flags alter the behaviour of a given search. Some of the flags affect each other, such as RECLS_F_FILES, RECLS_F_DIRECTORIES, RECLS_F_LINKS and RECLS_F_DEVICES, which together encompass the possible types of file entries retrieved by a search.

Note: if none of these flags are specified, RECLS_F_FILES will be assumed

Note:RECLS_F_LINKS and RECLS_F_DEVICES are not currently supported

The other flags moderate how the search is conducted:

RECLS_F_RECURSIVE causes the search to be conducted on the given directory, and all its sub-directories

RECLS_F_NO_FOLLOW_LINKS is not currently supported

RECLS_F_DIRECTORY_PARTS causes the components of the directory for each entry to be calculated, which are then available as the DirectoryParts property

RECLS_F_DETAILS_LATER is not currently supported


Member NameDescription
RECLS_F_FILES Include files in search. Included by default if none specified
RECLS_F_DIRECTORIES Include directories in search
RECLS_F_LINKS Include links in search
RECLS_F_DEVICES Include devices in search
RECLS_F_RECURSIVE Searches given directory and all sub-directories
RECLS_F_NO_FOLLOW_LINKS Does not expand links
RECLS_F_DIRECTORY_PARTS Fills out the directory parts
RECLS_F_DETAILS_LATER Does not fill out anything other than the path


Namespace: recls

Assembly: recls.NET (in recls.NET.dll)

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