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recls - Libraries Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
basic_search_sequencePresents an STL-like sequence interface over the items on the file-system
basic_search_sequence_const_iteratorIterator type for the basic_search_sequence supporting the Input Iterator concept
basic_search_sequence_value_typeValue type for the basic_search_sequence
DirectoryPartsThis class provides enumeration over the parts of a directory for a given file entry
EntryThis class represents an entry in the search
FileEntryA file system entry, returned by the search collection enumerator, that implements the IFileSearch interface
FileEntryThis class represents a file search entry
FileSearchThe root of the recls COM mapping object hierarchy
FileSearchThis class provides functionality for executing a file search
IDirectoryPartsCollectionThe collection interface for the directory parts (returned by DirectoryParts property of IFileEntry)
IEnumFileEntryEnumerator interface for the IFileEntry
IFileEntryInterface for the file entry
IFileSearchThe entry-point interface of the recls COM mapping
ISearchCollectionThe collection interface for the recls COM mapping
recls_fileinfo_tA file entry info structure
recls_strptrs_tAn asymmetric range representing a sequence of characters (ie a string)
recls_strptrsptrs_tAn asymmetric range representing a sequence of recls_strptrs_t (ie a set of strings)
ReclsExceptionThis class is thrown to represent recls-specific exceptional conditions
reclstl_traitsA traits class to provide character-encoding specific mappings from the recls C API to the recls.stl mapping"
SearchThis class represents a recursive search

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