recls C# mapping

FileSearch.Process Method (String, String, RECLS_FLAG, ProcessEntry)

Processes the matching entries by passing each one to the given delegate function

[Visual Basic]
Overloads Public Shared Function Process( _
   ByVal searchRoot As String, _
   ByVal pattern As String, _
   ByVal flags As RECLS_FLAG, _
   ByVal fn As ProcessEntry _
) As Boolean
public static bool Process(
   string searchRoot,
   string pattern,
   RECLS_FLAG flags,
   ProcessEntry fn


The root directory of the search, e.g. "h:\recls". If it is null, or the empty string, the current directory of the calling process is used
The search pattern, e.g. "*.*. If it is null, or the empty string, all files are searched.
Members of the RECLS_FLAG enumeration, to alter the search. For example, RECLS_F_DIRECTORIES causes directories to be retrieved; RECLS_F_RECURSIVE causes the search to recurse all subdirectories of searchRoot
The delegate, of type Search.ProcessEntryProcessEntry, that will receive each matching item

Return Value

Returns true if the set of matching entries was processed to completion, or false if it was cancelled


This static method conducts a search matching the given parameters, and calls the given delegate function for each matching item. The search is cancellable by means of return false from the delegate

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