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/API/include/recls.h File Reference

The root header for the recls API. More...

#include "recls_language.h"
#include "recls_platform.h"
#include "recls_compiler.h"
#include "recls_platform_types.h"
#include "recls_retcodes.h"
#include "recls_win32.h"

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namespace  recls

recls API Version

#define RECLS_VER_MAJOR   1
 The major version number of RECLS.

#define RECLS_VER_MINOR   1
 The minor version number of RECLS.

 The revision version number of RECLS.

#define RECLS_VER   RECLS_VER_1_1_1
 The current composite version number of RECLS.

Detailed Description

The root header for the recls API.

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