recls C# mapping (release 12th October 2003)

FileSearch.GetEnumerator Method 

Returns the enumerator with which the given search can be enumerated

[Visual Basic]
Public Function GetEnumerator() As IEnumerator
public IEnumerator GetEnumerator();

Return Value

An IEnumerator for the entire FileSearch.


This method enables a FileSearch instance to be used in a foreach expression, as in:

            FileSearch search = . . .;
            foreach(FileEntry entry in search)
As with the FileSearch constructor, no enumeration is carried out at this time, only when the returned enumerator is used. When the enumerator's MoveNext method is called, it may throw a ReclsException if the search fails, except for the case where the search runs out of data. In this case, the enumerator's MoveNext method returns false.

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