News Releases
Updated: 6th November 2006

Welcome to the home of CRunTiny, a lightweight drop-in replacement for the (currently only Microsoft, so compatible with Intel C/C++ & Visual C++) runtime library. The CRunTiny library is based on techniques developed by our contributors, and described in the following articles:

You may also have read about CRunTiny in the current (week of 24th November 2003) issue of BYTE. We're busily trying to get the first, very late, version released now, and hope to have it done by the end of this month (November 2003).

Please feel free to contact either of us in the meantime regarding our articles, or about ideas for CRunTiny.



Release Date Contents
version 1.0 12th December 2003 Version 1.0 of CRuntiny; Version 0.3 of CStdioTiny.