Updated: 6th November 2006

Errata for "Data exchange between COM enumerators and Windows controls", Windows Developer Network, November 2003

In this article I made the following statement:

    "Anyone who thinks that one can just use frameworks and never get into the guts has not written any real COM programs"

Alas, some readers have interpreted this to mean:

    "I'm an expert because I've written my own vtables, and if you haven't then you're not"

where the real intent was the far more benign:

    "COM is complex, the frameworks available do not provide the answers to every single challenge, and you're probably going to get your feet wet, so be prepared"

As is the way with publishing, it's write once, regret forever. I'd like to apologise to any readers.who made the former interpretation. It was not my intent to offend.

Yours, in any way other than an expert in anything.

Matthew Wilson