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Modern 3D Game Programming: Building And Applying A Complete Framework
a software technology book by
Scott Patterson
Matthew Wilson
Published by Charles River Media
Modern 3D Game Programming
Inspired by the wealth of information in the Game Programming Gems and AI Game Programming Wisdom series, this book applies and expands on that information by utilizing the techniques and ideas to build a complete game framework.
Modern 3D Game Programming: Building and Applying a Complete Framework details 3D game programming, and teaches professional and practical methods for constructing code and processing content. It covers advanced C++ techniques, object management techniques, hardware programming issues, UI programming, and 3D game object programming. Additionally, it includes techniques for bringing characters to life through 3D character animation programming, simulating character needs, and creating behaviors.
Scott Patterson  
Scott has worked in the game industry for over 12 years, programming in C++, C, and Assembly for leading game companies. He has contributed to over thirty games on eight different platforms, developed custom sound and graphics tools and coordinated many internal and external development teams. Scott also has considerable experience in graphics and audio programming on major platforms, published articles in Game Programming Gems 2 and Game Programming Gems 3, and edited the audio section for Game Programming Gems 3.
Matthew Wilson  
Matthew is a programmer, author and editor, and mentor, and a development consultant for Synesis Software. He regularly contributes to C/C++ User's Journal and Windows Developer Magazine, is a technical editor for Addison-Wesley™ and SAMS™ publishers, and moderates the STLSoft, COMSTL and WinSTL open-source organizations. Matthew specializes in software robustness and efficiency, and platform-independent techniques. He holds a PhD in electronic engineering, and has been working professionally with C & C++ for over 10 years.